Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy just 1 piece?

No. We only sell wholesale, pre-packed cases with only one style and one color per case except for some sandals styles which come in fun packs with different colors. Please see details on “description” to determine how are they are packed. No retail available.

Do you mix colors and styles?

No, we sell the cases as they come from the factory. We do not have open stock available every case will have only one color and one style; except for styles available in Fun packs.

Can I pick the sizes that will come in my case?

No, you can’t. You do have the option from the different break-downs available, but you can’t specify the amount of pairs per size.

Are the prices listed per pair or per case?

The prices listed on the website are per pair, not per case.

When I request a case of a specific style why doesn’t the amount match the cost shown?

The cost shown is per pair; the system calculates the price for the case depending on how many pairs or units are in that case.

What does PPK means?

PPK means pairs or units per case.

Does the price include shipping?

No, shipping is billed separately to the customer. We will contact first time customers with shipping quote before processing their payment

What is your shipping cost?

Shipping will depend on weight, the amount of cases and the destination. We prefer to quote shipping based on actual information.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Estimated delivery time for you order depends on the availability of the item and how quickly we can obtain your confirmation of shipping cost and receipt of payment. Once payment is confirmed delivery will take between 2-5 business days depending on specific destination.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. As long as there are no governments regulations that denies access to Chinese products. For the Caribbean, and Central and South America we recommend that our customers use a freight forwarder that works with their countries.

Do I pay the duties and taxes for shipments sent internationally? is not responsible for the duties and taxes for international shipments. The customer assumes all responsibilities for payments for duties and taxes on overseas shipments

Can your company guarantee the authenticity of your brand names?

Yes, we can provide you with Letter of authenticity.  If requested by any authority we’ll provide the sanitized invoice from the registered brand.

Do I need a license to buy from your company?

If you are business we require a copy of your Sales Tax I.D. number to exempt you from paying FL taxes. Florida taxes are 7%.

Do you drop ship?

Yes, we do but only pre packed cases. Order must be prepay with either Wire Transfer or a Bank Deposit. No credit card or Cod (Cash on Delivery) payment authorized for Drop Shipping.

Do you accept COD (Cash on Delivery) orders?

We accept COD orders from established customers only; however we only accept Money Order or Cashier Check. All first time buyers have to prepay.

Do you accept Paypal?

No, we do not accept Paypal.

Can I pay with Credit or Debit Card?

We accept cards only from USA and Puerto Rico prior verification of address and CVV (security code). For foreign orders we only accept wire transfer.

What are your policies for returns?

We only accept returns or exchanges for manufacturer’s defects. Customer must do claim no later than 7 days from shipping date.

Are the shoes used or seconds at Allfootwear?

No. Allfootwear does not stock seconds or factory irregulars. All the shoes at Allfootwear are new and are in original cases

What is Allfootwear's return policy?

Product Guarantee Policy:

Allfootwear will replace a product or issue a company credit/refund at no cost to the customer if the product is delivered with one of these 2 conditions:

  1. Wrong product – If you received a wrong product due to our shipping mistake, please notify us within 4 business days and we will arrange for you to return the incorrect product (at our expense) and we will ship you the correct product or issue you a full refund (including shipping charges).
  2. Defective Product – If you received a defective product, please notify us within 4 business days and we will assign a RA for you to return the product (at our expense. After we have examined and confirmed the defective product we will ship out a replacement to you right away.  Please note that just because one or two items in a whole case are defective it does not mean that all of the items are defective.  Damaged merchandise will be replaces on a per pair basis and not on a per-case basis.  If by the time you return it we do not have availability of that product Allfootwear will refund the corresponding amount.

*Please Note: Items marked “Closeouts or Great Deals” are sold at extremely discounted priced and are not protected by Allfootwear’ Product Guarantee return policy.        

Allfootwear Customer Satisfaction Policy:

If you are simply unsatisfied with the product that you have received, and the product does not fall under the product Guarantee Policy, the item can be return only under the following conditions:

  1. 4  Days from Delivery Date – If you are unsatisfied with the product that you have ordered, you must contact our office within 4 business days of product delivery to request an RA (Return Authorization)
  2. 25% Restocking Fee – Allfootwear will deduct 25% of the value of the product on all returns within the Customer Satisfaction Policy.
  3. Shipping Charges – Allfootwear will not credit customer for original shipping fees.  Additionally, the customer is required to return the products at their own expense.
  4. Company Credit – Allfootwear will issue only a company credit for all items returned under the Customer Satisfaction Policy.  These funds are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  5. Call to Request RA – Allfootwear will not grant any credit for items that were refused by the customer, and/or shipped back without proper authorization.

Where are you located?

Our showroom and offices are located in Miami, FL at 550 N.W. 26th. St., Miami FL 33127 Ph: 305 438 9009. It’s open to public from Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

How can I contact you?

By phone- (305) 438-9009 or Toll Free (USA): 1-966-739-2282