About Us

ALLFOOTWEAR, Inc., an award-winning global leader in the lifestyle Wholesale footwear industry. Designs, develops and markets lifestyle Wholesale footwear that appeals to trend-savvy men, women and children. As a multi-million dollar company, ALLFOOTWEAR’ success stems from its high-quality, varied Wholesale product offering, diversified domestic and international Wholesale distribution channels

Our standards are high and we manufacture with the highest quality products and workmanship. We work together with our manufacturer to develop new Wholesale styles for our clients and to adapt them to the varied tastes of the regions we serve (South America, Central America, Caribbean, and United States), this way, we all can stay in the forefront of Wholesale fashion at an affordable price. With more than 2,500 styles, ALLFOOTWEAR meets the needs of male and female consumers across every age and demographic. ALLFOOTWEAR’ brands include Wholesale Dress Shoes, Wholesale Athletic and Wholesale sports shoes, Wholesale Sandals, Wholesale Flip Flops & Wholesale Working Boots.

ALLFOOTWEAR sells its Wholesale products to department and specialty stores across the country. The Company also sells its ALLFOOTWEAR brands directly to consumers through more than 1000 company-owned and – operated retail stores around the globe – from New York’s Times Square to any place in the world, Internationally, ALLFOOTWEAR sells its Wholesale products to department and specialty stores in Canada, as well as in Europe and Central and South America. These countries range from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica, Guyana, Colombia. ALLFOOTWEAR sells its products in over 100 countries and territories. ALLFOOTWEAR also offers through the internet an extensive selection of footwear 24 hours a day through our website Please visit us at our website to view our large selection at your convenience. ALLFOOTWEAR is dedicated to servicing our customers by providing only the best footwear.